About Me

Mandy McSchneider’s love for Ugg boots goes back all the way to elementary school. So she considers herself to be a true Ugg boot lover to the bitter end.

“I can still remember when I got my first pair of Ugg boots. It was Christmas Eve and we had just read a story called The Christmas Shoes. It was about a little girl who got an adorable pair of boots for Christmas and could finally keep her feet warm,” says Mandy. “My late Grandma knew I needed a new pair of boots. (We were fairly poor at the time.) I still remember how my whole face lit up and it truly was the best Christmas ever.”

Since then, Mandy McShneider has been on a quest to find the best Ugg boot designs and fashions and trends of each year. Now she proudly recycles Ugg boots by giving them a facelift and creates her own unique touch to each one of the pairs.

“My passion is seeing a customer’s face lite up when they find the perfect pair of boots for themselves.” Mandy describes. “They always put me in the perfect mood. Making any fall and winter that much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to pull out all of my favorite Ugg boots in the cold months. It is the one thing that makes cold weather a pleasant time for me.”

It’s no surprise that Mandy’s love for boots drove her to the fashion industry where she can work with materials, patterns and accessories to create a unique style of boot that anyone can wear.

“People don’t realize the true importance of shoes in the fashion industry. Most people think of the fashion industry as pertaining to clothes and hair and makeup. Let’s not forget we couldn’t even walk out of the house without our shoes!”

Mandy Shneider promises every customer that her shoes are designed to not just make you feel good, but to take you great places!

To contact Mandy about her work, custom designs, prizes, or business inquiries, please do visit her contact page and send her an email! She would be more than thrilled to interact with you.